Regulation R6-25

A. Definition
The Family Life Education Community Involvement Team is an organization of school personnel and citizens created to provide assistance to the department for curriculum and instruction and the school board in monitoring family life education issues.

B. Function
The function is to provide communication among the department for curriculum and instruction, the school board, and the members of the team on family life education issues. The primary task of this team includes, but is not limited to

  1. monitoring the family life education curriculum by reviewing and recommending instruction resources;
  2. staying abreast of changes in state family life education guidelines;
  3. eviewing and suggesting changes to the family life education curriculum.

C. Composition
The Family Life Education Community Involvement Team, appointed annually by the school board, shall be composed of the following:

Central Office Administrator 1
School Administrator 1
Family Life Educators
Counselors 2

3 (1-elementary, 1-middle, 1-high school)
2 (1-elementary, 1-secondary)
Clergy 1
Medical Professionals , 2 ( i.e. doctors, nurses - school or community, others)
School Board Representative 1
Community Youth Agencies 1-2
LCS Parents 6-9 (2-3 per each of the 3 school districts)

The team will be chaired by the central office administrator.

D. Limitations

  1. The length of a membership term is two years.
  2. Members may not serve consecutive terms.
  3. In the case that a team member is unable to remain on the team for the second year of his or her term, an alternate will be appointed at the beginning of that second year.
  4. Team members who are appointed as alternates will still be eligible to be appointed to a full term the following year.
  5. Team members serving as parents shall not also be employees of the school division.
  6. Team membership is not to exceed 22 members.
  7. The Family Life Education Community Involvement Team should be as truly representative of the community served by the schools as possible.

Approved by School Board: April 24, 2001