Regulation R6-29

The admission of students to the career-technical program shall be based on the following standards:

1. Attendance
Fewer than twenty (20) absences for previous year and ten (10) first semester of current year.

2. Basic Skills Competency
Passing grade on English for first semester of current year (present English course must be appropriate to grade assignment) and passing grade on math for first semester of current year or satisfactory completion of one year of high school math.

3. Exceptions
Students who apply for enrollment in Trade & Industrial courses and are unable to meet program standards may request to have their application reviewed by the school principal, guidance counselor, and appropriate career technical teacher to determine eligibility for admission. All special needs student applications will be reviewed to insure appropriate student placement.

Approved by the Superintendent: December 1, 1982
Revised by the Superintendent: August 1, 1989