Regulation R6-32.1

The high school band program in Lynchburg is a source of pride to the entire community. Whether in competition with other schools, in concert, or performing at an athletic event, the high school bands have enjoyed excellent success and public approval.

The band program involves both curricular and extra-curricular components. The marching bands practice after school and, as such, are an extension of the regular band curriculum. The concert bands tend to operate more within the regular school day.

It is inevitable that various types of operational conflicts will arise within an organization as active as the band program. Whereas it is the intent of the Lynchburg Public School administration to leave most operational details to the discretion of each high school, certain guidelines seem appropriate:

1. The marching bands will be limited to no more than four out-of-town contests each year. These contests are to be approved by the principal and forwarded to the superintendent, for approval, no later than the fifteenth day of September.

2. The marching bands shall be limited to three overnight trips each year and it is suggested that these trips not be held on consecutive weekends.

3. The marching bands will be limited to traveling a distance of no more than 400 miles to participate in band activities.

4. The marching bands will not commence mandatory practice before two weeks prior to the opening of school and, during the time when school is not in session, practice will not exceed a total of eight hours per day. Further, no one session will exceed four hours. Practice schedules should be closely followed in order to minimize problems for parents such as unnecessary waiting, mealtime delays, etc.

5. During the school year, marching band practice will be scheduled to avoid conflicts with activities in which students must participate in order to maintain academic standing, i.e., academic related field trips which last all day.

6. Effort will be made to excuse students with legitimate excuses for missing band. This is a difficult problem at times and it is envisioned that the band directors will use good judgment in this area.

7. The fund raising program of the band booster organization will be subject to the approval of the Lynchburg City School Board as outlined in board policy. Funds which go into this account are those which are raised directly by booster projects and activities.

8. The band boosters will submit a budget to the principal outlining a program of resources and expenditures no later than August 15 preceding each school year. The principal will submit this budget along with other school fund raising activities to the superintendent for school board approval as required by Board Policy 2-32.

Each high school band director and principal is responsible for his band program and for handling the day-to-day operational problems which are bound to occur with any program which involves the large numbers of young people.

If an exception to the above guidelines is anticipated, the band director must receive the approval of the principal well in advance on any discussion or planning involving students or parents.

Approved by Superintendent: December 1, 1982