Regulation R6-46

When it is determined that a school has no further use of certain textbooks, library books, or other instructional materials, the following procedure should be followed:

1. The school should notify the appropriate person in the central office of the surplus items: textbooks--textbook manager; library books and instructional materials--appropriate instructional supervisor.

2. Central office personnel will survey the needs of other schools in the division to determine if they have need for any of the surplus items. If needs are indicated, appropriate steps will be taken to move the surplus items to the schools which need them.

3. All remaining items will be stamped "Discard" and can be made available to students within the school in which the items are located for a nominal price. Parent-teacher associations may wish to sponsor a surplus book sale. Regardless of the manner in which the books are sold within the school, all funds derived from this step will remain in the school to be used for the purchase of additional instructional resources. Items sold in the school should be stamped "Sold by Lynchburg City Schools."

4. The remaining surplus textbooks will be disposed of in the most cost effective manner. Any and all money derived from such disposal will revert to the school operating budget.

Approved by Superintendent: December 1, 1982
Revised by School Board: September 3, 1985
Revised by School Board: October 15, 1985
Revised by School Board: May 3, 2005