Regulation R6-47

In order to insure that quality materials are being used in the classroom, only those video tapes that have been obtained from the Division Media Center, from one of the two educational television stations (WBRA and WVPT), the Classroom Channel (Channel 1), and/or the State Department of Education may be used without prior review by the principal.

Video tapes obtained from other sources must be approved by the school principal before they are shown. Elementary and middle school principals may approve PG-rated videos but must secure parental permission prior to showing the videos.

PG-13 videos and R-rated videos at the elementary and middle school levels and R-rated videos at the high school level shall be approved in accordance with the following procedures:

1. The principal must file with the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction the form titled "Consideration of Video Use," available in each school's media center.

2. A review committee of five or more members including teachers, administrators, and parents shall be formed to consider the principal's request. Administrators and teachers from the school at which the request originated may not serve on the review committee.

3. Members of the committee shall view the video and consider its merits in meeting instructional goals and its appropriateness for students at the specified grade level.

4. The recommendation of the review committee shall be a matter of written record and submitted to the superintendent and assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

5. The superintendent or his designee will render a decision regarding use of the video.

PG-13 and R-rated videos approved by the superintendent for use at any level require parental permission.

Approved by Superintendent: September 3, 1985
Revised by Superintendent: March 18, 1997