Regulation R6-51

The Handbook for Media Librarians is to serve as the authoritative source for school media personnel with regard to policies, procedures, and practices related to the school library media program in this system.

The new media librarian will find this handbook extremely helpful as an operations manual. The experienced media professional will be able to use it as a reference document in planning and implementing the media program. This handbook also serves as the processing manual for all media.

Special note should be taken of the Appendix which contains documents, school board statements, and additional information that will assist the media librarian in the performance of his or her duties.

Important memorandums concerning the media program should be placed in the back of this notebook.

When revisions are necessary, new pages will be printed on pre-punched paper. The revised pages are to be placed in the notebook and the original page should be removed and discarded.

The Handbook is to be maintained as a permanent school board document until it is rescinded.

Approved by Superintendent: June 30, 1981