Regulation R7-29

A. Generally
All information regarding students and their families shall be collected and maintained under safeguards of privacy established by federal and State laws and regulation, school board policies #'s 7-29 and 7-60 this regulation and its subsections. Strict adherence is considered a condition of continuing employment by the school board.

No statement in this regulation or its subsections shall be cons trued by employees as negating their responsibility for reporting child abuse or neglect cases as required by Code of Virginia, § 63.1-248.3 and school board policy # 5 -50.6.

B. Fee for Copies of Student Records
A reasonable fee will be charged for copies of student records except that no fee shall be charged for copies of the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Editor's Note: Subsections of this regulation are enumerated as follows: R 7-29.1 Student Records; Definitions R 7-29.2 Student Records; Content/Collection/Maintenance and Disposition R 7-29.3 Student Records: Access;
and Disclosure R 7 -29.4 Student Records: Destruction.

Regulatory Authority: (1989) See legal references to school board policy # 7 -29.

Approved by Superintendent: January 12, 1979
Revised by Superintendent: February 6, 1990