Regulation R7-29.4

A. Notification of Intent to Destruct
The custodian of student records shall inform parents, guardians or an eligible student when personally identifiable information collected, maintained, or used is no longer needed to provide educational services to the student.

When informing parents, guardians or eligible student about their rights under this regulation, the custodian should remind them that the scholastic records may be needed by the student, the parents or guardians for social security benefits or other purposes. If the parents, guardians or eligible student request that the information be destroyed, then the custodian shall retain only that information required under State law and regulations.

Prior to destruction of data, a reasonable effort shall be made by the custodian to notify parents, guardians or eligible student that they have a right to be provided with a copy of data to be deleted from the file(s).

B. Handicapped Students
Personally identifiable information on a handicapped student may be retained permanently unless the parents, guardians or eligible student request that it be destroyed. The information must be destroyed at the request of the parents, guardians or eligible student. However, a permanent record of a student's name, address, telephone number, his grades, attendance record, classes attended, gradelevel completed, and year completed may be maintained without time limitation.

Editor's Note: For "custodian of student records" see division regulation # R 7-29.3 at Part A.

See also school board policy # 7-29.

Regulatory Authority: 
Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Education Regulations, Management of the Student's Scholastic Record in the Public Schools of Virginia" (effective October 1, 1995).

Approved by Superintendent: February 6, 1990