Regulation R7-54

A. Generally
The principal will review safety and community emergency procedures with each school faculty early in the fall. Procedures include what to do in case of fire, bomb threats, nuclear attack and other emergencies which would interrupt the normal school operation.

Teachers may be asked to serve on a safety committee for their school. This committee should assist the principal to improve safety in that school and on that playground. A fire safety report from this committee should be sent to the director for finance in November and June of each school year.

B. School Emergencies
In time of emergency where there is immediate danger to the life or safety of students, it is the duty of the teacher or principal to take whatever action deemed necessary to prevent injury or loss of life.

Teachers shall notify the principal of the school of the emergency prior to any action if time permits or immediately after a n action is taken if time does not permit before the action is taken.

Principals shall notify the office of the superintendent prior to any action taken if time permits or immediately afterwards if action is judged to be necessary immediately.

Appropriate community service agencies should be notified for emergency assistance immediately if such assistance should be judged to be required during an emergency.

Should there be at any time a threat to the safety of students within the school building only, the principal should not hesitate to evacuate the building.

Approved by Superintendent: August 4, 1981