Regulation R7-63.1

A. Generally
Textbooks shall be furnished by the division. Students are responsible for books if lost or damaged and will be charged for books lost or damaged based on a percentage of the replacement cost. The superintendent shall establish such regulations as are necessary for the program to be effective.

B. Fees
1. Damage Fees: Books issued to the students will be graded by the teacher as "New," "Good," "Fair," or "Poor," and noted on the Student Textbook Loan Sheet. Books turned in by the student will be appraised by the teacher and if the text is returned two or more grades lower in condition than when issued, a fine for damage should be imposed. It may be assumed that normal use of a text may result in its condition being one grade lower when returned than when issued. It is estimated that the average life of a text is 3-1/2 years. The amount of damage to be imposed is a subjective factor but if the teacher will consider the average life of a text, the length of usage before the damage has occurred, and the list price of the book, a fair damage charge may be determined.

2. Lost Books: Pupils are required to pay for lost texts at the following rate: full price for new texts and half-price for used ones. Should a pupil lose his book, this fact should be reported to the teacher. The teacher would collect the charges and this money should be turned in to the principal with a request for a replacement book. The principal will keep a record (Form No. R.T.8 "REPORT OF LOST BOOKS" of the pupil's name, the title of the book, and the amount paid. This money shall be deposited to the school account and at the end of the year a check will be drawn on the school account to cover all lost books and turned in to the Textbook Office, accompanied by the REPORT OF LOST BOOKS.

C. Pupil Accounting
At considerable time and expense, all textbooks currently in use have been numbered. The numbers appear on the inside of the front cover and on page 33. The book numbers have a prefix denoting the year the book was put into use for the first time, (i.e., 54 1002, and the book number would be 1002).  Books not bearing a number would be books not belonging to the school division.

This has been done in order to enable classroom teachers to prevent pupils from returning texts at the end of the semester or year, which belong to someone else. Teachers must not give credit to pupils for texts returned if these texts do not carry the number of texts which were issued. If the number is different or has been defaced, the text should be collected but no credit given to the student returning the text. Identification should be by number of text rather than the name of the student in the book.

D. Inspection of Texts
Teachers are required to inspect texts which have been issued to their pupils once each six weeks. This does not need to be time consuming. It is felt that only a hurried examination is all that will be necessary in order to determine whether unnecessary damage is being done, and that pupils have not lost their texts.

E. Grading of Texts
The following criteria should be used in grading usable books on issue:

GOOD: Binding excellent, book generally clean, no missing pages, book could be used for 3 more years.

FAIR: Binding in good usable condition, markings do not interfere with effective use, no missing pages, book could be used for 2 more years.

POOR: Binding in fair condition, in general a book that is usable for 1 more year.

Approved by Superintendent: August 5, 1981
Revised by Superintendent: March 24, 1998
Revised by Superintendent: April 21, 1998