Regulation R7-66

A. Generally
No vendor shall be designated as an "official photographer" for the school division or the individual schools; however, the elementary program will be bid centrally on an annual basis. The middle school program shall be bid likewise as a group for a stated period of one to three years. Due to the complexities involved with yearbooks and senior portraits, the senior high photographer (s) shall be selected jointly or individually using either competitive negotiation or bidding for a stated term of one to three years.

The department of finance, with input from the appropriate principals, shall conduct the competitive process including the issuing of specifications, the conducting of negotiations, and the issuing of contracts.

B. Criteria for Selecting of Photographer
Among the criteria to be used in selecting a photographer are the following:

  1. The criteria which should be used in selecting the vendor are the lowest available price for goods or services, highest quality, and best delivery or service terms; and
  2. The schools' share of the sales shall only be a secondary consideration in making a decision on a contract award.

C. Sales to Students
Individual photographs of students may be made available for sale under the following conditions:

  1. No student shall be required to purchase photographs;
  2. Students and parents shall be advised when the project is a fund raising activity; and
  3. All profits shall be turned over to the school activity fund.

D. Yearbook Photographs
The faculty advisor to the yearbook may specify uniform requirements such as background and dress for photographs. Students are to be advised that the photographs may be purchased from sources other than that chosen by the school if the student wishes to do so.

Regulatory Authority:

Editor's Note: See opinions of Attorney General of September 22, 1976 and December 27, 1976. Also memorandum Office of the Attorney General July 30, 1980. Preceding are attachments to Superintendent of Public Instruction Memo. No. 97, August 15, 1980.

Approved by Superintendent: August 4, 1981
Revised by Superintendent: August 2, 1983