Dunbar Middle School emphasizes communication through computers and related technology as a major focus, integrated into the daily curriculum. We have a variety of networked labs - including the mobile wireless computer lab which can be moved to classrooms, turning that classroom into a computer lab. These computers can also be taken outside or on field trips. In addition to the computer labs we have iPod Touch carts available in six of our classrooms. All of our classrooms have one computer connected to a VPU (video projection unit) which is composed of a projector and computer. Every core classroom has a smart board. Each classroom is connected to the school wide television and computer networks. The television network is used daily to broadcast our WDMS news from our  TV studio as well as Channel 1 news. The classroom teachers frequently use the computer/VPU setup to display lessons using video streaming, PowerPoint, Smart Notebook, or other engaging media. 

Dunbar is connected to the school division's Wide Area Network connecting all schools and teachers in the school division to each other and the Internet through fiber optic connections.