Date Test Notes
August 22-30 Writing Assessments Grades 9-10
October 16-18 Paper/pencil SOL Retests  
October 23-November 10 Fall Benchmark Testing  
October 23-27 Term-grad/Project Graduation Online SOL Writing Test Retesters
October 25 PSAT (10th Grade)  
November 13-17 Second Attempt Online Writing SOL Term-Grads/Project Graduation
December 4-14 Fall Non-Writing Term-Grads, Project Grad., PETAL 9 Alg. I, retesters
January 17-26 Writing Assessments Grades 9-10
January 30-31 CVCC Placement Test Click here to sign-up
February 26-March 15 Benchmark Testing  
March 12-14 Writing SOL Paper Test Grade 10 (Braille, large print, etc.)
March 19-23 SOL Online SOL Writing Grade 10 and Retesters
April 16-20 Writing SOL Online Writing SOL 2nd attempt for Term-Grads/Project Graduation
April 16-27 Non-Writing SOL Non-writing testing for Term-grads, Project Graduation, & retakes
April 30-May 31 Non-Writing SOL Tests All Students currently enrolled in classes and all seniors in need of SOLs
May 7-18 AP Tests Click link for the link to College Board for subject specific dates.

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May 29-June 1 Exams  


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