IXL is utilized as part of math instruction to help students practice and review skills that they are learning in the classroom. Math skills are broken down by grade level and into skill categories. Each student has an account and throughout the week they use the program to practice and improve in math. As they work, students receive a score that increases or decreases based their level of success with the given skill. Teachers can monitor student progress and use this information to help inform their instruction.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is used in Grades 3-5 across subject areas. Teachers assign work which students can access through their Lynchburg City Schools Google account. Students use their laptops to complete the assignment and then submit it to be graded. As students work, teachers can monitor their progress and make adjustments to the assignment as needed.

RAZ Kids

RAZ Kids is an online guided reading program that provides e-books for all reading levels. Students can listen to books being read as a way to model fluency, read books for practice, and record themselves as a way for teachers to monitor their progress. Books on RAZ Kids also have quizzes as a way to monitor reading comprehension. After a student has read 10 books and completed the corresponding quizzes, RAZ Kids moves the student up to books on the next reading level.