Will students have enrichment activities/packets as an option to the general education students?

Curriculum will be aligned to instructional practices based on the Virginia SOLs. Teachers will provide a variety of learning experiences in ways that student instruction can be differentiated based on the educational needs of the student. The level and pace at which the curriculum is delivered is dependent on the readiness level of the student. During remote learning, students will complete all assignments virtually using Google Classroom. Teachers will make connections with students (and parents) through email, phone calls, zoom meetings, and/or by scheduled appointments.

Will remote material be "real time"/ live or will students watch recordings?

Teachers will offer a variety of opportunities to engage with students via technology, through pre-recorded sessions, scheduled video conferencing and check-ins. The student and parent/guardian will have the choice when to access instruction.

What if the child needs extra help with a concept or assignment?

Teachers will reach out to schedule online conferences to support student learning needs. Additionally, students and parents are also welcome to reach out to their child’s teacher.

Will my child have art, music, and movement education?

The students will have remote learning opportunities for these classes. Activities for art, music, and movement education will be posted within the student's Resource Google Classroom. There is a separate join code/classroom for this. The join code is posted in your child’s Google Classroom.

How are tests and quizzes administered with remote learning?

The teachers will determine the best means for assessing the students' learning. This will include various online opportunities.

How is group/collaborative work accomplished?

There are creative ways to collaborate digitally through Google Apps.

Will there be special projects that need to be handed in at school?

The teacher will determine the expectations for special projects if assigned. During the first nine weeks, all materials will be submitted virtually.

Will the remote learning material take all day, or just part of the day? Is the child expected to complete a certain amount of hours in front of the screen, or is it more self-paced?

The learning will be self-paced. There is guidance from the VDOE about appropriate maximum learning time for remote learning. Please see the chart below:

Pre-K 30-45 min daily 2 ½-3 ¾ hrs weekly
K-2 45-60 min daily 3 ¾-5 hrs weekly
3-5 60-90 min daily 5-7 ½ hrs weekly
6-12 30 min per teacher daily 2 ½ hrs per teacher weekly
Pre-K-12 self-selected reading time should be encouraged daily and outside of recommended learning time
How similar is remote learning to the "choice board" concept we had last spring?

Students will be given opportunities to select various learning activities that best suit their learning style and individual needs. Classroom teachers are pushing out learning opportunities. All assignments will be posted through Google Classroom. Some of these assignments will be graded unlike the Continuity of Learning choice boards in Spring 2020.

How will my student be assessed to determine his proficiency or opportunities for growth? Both for the new school year as well as any missed content for last year?

A variety of assessments including IXL, pre-assessments per unit, and formative assessments will be used to assess students areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Would it be possible to have a syllabus designed and implemented based on my student’s assessment for me to understand the concepts and educational goals of the grading period? If my student progresses beyond those goals, what is the protocol for adjusting those goals?

The classroom teacher can provide an overview of the IXL diagnostic data for both reading and math to support your student’s current strengths and opportunities for growth. As a student reaches established goals he/she will have opportunities to dig deeper and expand his/her knowledge base by engaging in further exploration of the presented content.

Will my child have access to the strings program?

Yes, students will have access to virtual strings lessons. Teachers will consult with students as needed.