Dunbar Middle School Art offers students the experience of numerous different types of mediums; from traditional drawing and painting, to ceramics, recycled materials, wood working and even environmental art!

6th grade exploratory is a basic introduction to the elements of art, color theory, and ceramics. The lessons learned in 6th grade art are a stepping stone to 7th grade exploratory art.

7th grade exploratory is expanding on the basics that was learned in 6th grade. Human facial proportions are introduced, as well as the concept of space (positive and negative), plus larger ceramic works.

8th Grade Art - Semester Elective. This class offers students a foundation in art technique, materials, and history. The projects reflect the history of the art movement and integrations of art with science (flower studies, space, etc), math (tessellations, proportions), and technology (wood working collaborative projects). The students will use a variety of different mediums and materials to create their work and the projects are more in-depth since it is a semester elective. Each student will also paint a tile that will remain a permanent fixture at Dunbar.

8th Grade Advanced Art/ArtZone - One Year Elective. Students are selected for this class by submitting a portfolio as a 7th grade student. Only 18 students are selected and enrolment is competitive. This class challenges the young, talented artist to take a serious approach to their own artwork and technique. Students in this class not only improve on their own artistic abilities, they also work together in groups creating sculptures out of recycled materials, combining the herpetology center plus natural and environmental aspects into their own artwork and projects. Students in this class enter at least two art competitions during the year. At the end of the year they will host a gallery featuring their own accomplishments, plus complete a series of permanent murals on the walls of Dunbar.