Linkhorne Middle School…Leadership, Merit, Spirit
Accomplishments 2014 - 2016

Young Author’s Winners

6th grade
1st Place: Brielle Eliot
2nd Place: Julie Odedina

7th grade
Young Writers District Winners: Kathleen Salmon, Anna Betz, Helen Treacy

Junior Regional Orchestra

Auditions: 2013-2014
2 students chosen for JRO Advanced Orchestra (Amanda Yi and Chloe Seng)
6 students chosen for Intermediate Orchestra (Dylan Wright, Kate O’Connell, Reagan McDaniel, Sarah Greene, Meg Lloyd, and Lea Sharpe)

The Stock Market Game

Regionals 2014
Out of 497 teams LMS:
6 students placed 2nd (Matthew Wisniewski, Charlie Lollis, Tosha Davis, Justin Phillips, Logan Wilgus, and Jackson Riffee)

6 students placed 3rd (Nate Colvin, T’Khira Browley, Alex Miller, Michaela Smith, Tyler Summers, and Amanda Yi)

State 2014
6 students placed 3rd out of 2698 teams (Matthew Wisniewski, Charlie Lollis, Tosha Davis, Justin Phillips, Logan Wilgus, and Jackson Riffee

Regionals 2015
Out of 402 teams 3 students placed 1st (Paul Morris, Sam Kinder, and John Hames)

State 2015
3 students placed 1st out of 2703 teams (Paul Morris, Sam Kinder and John Hames)


11 out of 21 winners were from LMS.

Spelling Bee

LMS Spelling Bee - Minahil Syed
2nd Place in Regional Bee - Minahil Syed

History Day

2014 – District One Winners
Historical Papers
1st Place: Paul Skorcz – “Voting Rights and Wrongs: A History of Felony Disenfranchisement”
2nd Place: Emily Raine – “The I.D.E.A. (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)”
3rd Place: Hayden Swisher  - “The Unused Right – Do Americans Take Responsibility for Their Right to Vote?”

Individual Exhibits
2nd Place: Will Johnston – “Great Railroad Strike of 1877”

Group Exhibits
1st Place: Luke Sarantos and Ethan Snyder – “Upton Sinclair and the Wrongs of the Meat-Packing Industry”
2nd Place: Sophie Minnick and Hannah Schindler – “Miranda v. Arizona: Preventing Self Incrimination”
3rd Place: Ethan Fisher and Bryson Gerhardt – “Are you Aryan?”

Group Documentary
1st Place: Nick Gada and Jack Leatherwood – “Rights and Responsibilities: Conscientious Objectives in the Vietnam War”

Individual Website
3rd Place: Brendan Singy – “Athenian Democracy”

Group Website
1st Place: Jillian Jones and Nettie Webb – “Eisenhower and Integration of Central High: Civil Rights and Federal Responsibilities”    

History Day State Winners     
1st Place: Paul Skorcz- Historical Paper
2nd Place: Hannah Schindler and Sophia Minnick- Group Exhibit
3rd Place: Luke Sarantos and Ethan Snyder- Group Exhibit
3rd Place: Nick Gada and Jack Leatherwood- Group Documentary

Paul Skorcz, Hannah Schindler and Sophia Minnick advanced to the National History Day competition in June at the University of Maryland.

Holocaust Awareness Contest

1st Place Prose: Lauren Chester "Holocaust"
2nd Place Prose: Helen Treacy "Dear Miriam"
1st Place Poetry: Megan Knight "O' My People"
2nd Place Poetry: Nathan Pawlas "The Trash"
3rd Place Poetry: Anna Betz "No Chance"
Honorable Mention: Katie Ownby "Fear"

Art and Music

Drama Department:
We attend the Virginia Theatre Association (VTA): Middle School Theatre Festival competition in Norfolk, VA each year:

  • (2013, 2014, and 2015) - Won Silver in the VTA play competition
  • (2014) Best Actress in Virginia (Middle School) - Marina Pantner
  • (2014) All-Star Cast Member - Elijah Friend
  • (2015) All-Star Cast Members - Anna Betz, Eric Braithwaite, Charlie Schindler, Dylan Young