Several Lynchburg City Schools Young Authors Win Regional Honors

WritingLCS had 20 regional winners in the 2015 Young Author competition in April. These winners were honored by the Piedmont Area Reading Council with a reception at Liberty University.  

1st Grade
Caden Godsie - 3rd place Fiction

2nd Grade
Gabriella Mosley - 3rd place Fiction
Kate Martin - 1st place Poetry
Mazzy Ogden - 2nd place Poetry

3rd Grade
Graysen Pinder - 2nd place Fiction

4th Grade
Brooklyn Dop - 1st place Fiction
Kai Styrsky - 3rd place Fiction
Emily Williams - 2nd place Essay

5th Grade
Lily Doebler - 2nd place Fiction
Phoebe Baker - 3rd place Fiction
Jed Howard - 2nd place Poetry
Eujine Kim - 1st place Essay
Jeffrey Wooters - 2nd place Essay

7th Grade
Virginia Webb - 1st place Essay

8th Grade
Serenity Tucker - 1st place Fiction
Marina Pantner - 1st place Poetry
Meg Gladieux - 3rd place Poetry

9th Grade
Emma Eubank - 1st place Poetry

10th Grade
Nuha Reza - 1st place Fiction
Mary Katherine Guthrie - 1st place Essay


Click here for the 2015 LCS Young Authors District Winners



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