Student Learning & Success

Dr. Jay C. McClain
Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning & Success
Phone: (434) 515-5040

The Lynchburg City School Board will provide principle-centered leadership and assist others in understanding the boundaries for collective decision making and planning. The School Board will use these principles to enable it to achieve its vision for the future of education in Lynchburg.


Student Learning & Success Administrators

LaTonya Brown,
Director of Student Services, Alternative Education, and Behavior Support

April M. Bruce,
Director of Data, Assessment and Accountability

Ethel Reeves,
Director of Engagement, Equity, and Opportunity

Director of School Improvement and Grants

Wyllys D. Vanderwerker,
Director of Exceptional Learners

Supervisor of Arts and Athletics

Supervisor of Career-Technical Education

Maria T. Jaeger,
Supervisor of Math and Science

Supervisor of Language Arts, Social Studies, Libraries and World Languages

Anne Bond-Gentry,
Coordinator of Student Services

Sarah Campbell,
Coordinator of Extended Learning

Christy Compton,
Coordinator of Grants 

Coordinator for Exceptional Learners

Twanna Hancock,
Coordinator of Student Learning and Success

Amanda Myers-Ramirez,
Coordinator for Exceptional Learners

Coordinator for Early Childhood and English Language Learners

Coordinator of Engagement, Equity and Opportunity

Heather Bolling,
Math and Gifted Specialist


Instructional Coaches

Josh Boyd,
Suzanna Brawn,
Page Burke,
Anne Chamberlin,
Jackie Davis,
Chelsea Dews,
Anne Gowen,
Julia Haley,
Dana Johnson,
Carrie Lewis,
Rhonda Miller,
Emily Morris,
Anna Munoz,
Megan Robertson,
Kristin Smith,
Meg Smith,
Carla Woodard,


Support Staff

Jack Freeman,
Grant Consultant

Kary Clarke,

Patricia Stanley,

Torian Vaughan,

Kathy White,