Curriculum & Instruction

William A. Coleman
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Phone: (434) 515-5040

The Lynchburg City School Board will provide principle-centered leadership and assist others in understanding the boundaries for collective decision making and planning. The School Board will use these principles to enable it to achieve its vision for the future of education in Lynchburg.


Curriculum and Instruction Administrators

Michael Rudder,
Director of School Improvement

Brian Wray,
Director of Instruction, PreK-12

April M. Bruce,
Director of Testing, Counseling & Gifted Education

Ed Dellinger,
Supervisor of Instruction, Career-Technical Education

Ethel Coles,
Coordinator of Equity and Accountability

Walt Rivers,
Coordinator of Science, Health & PE, and Field Trips; K-12


Lead Academic Coaches

Stephanie Belotte,
Josh Boyd,
Page Burke,
Anne Chamberlin,
Dixie Sears,
Jan Suddith,
Linda Williams,


Gifted Resource Teachers

Heather Bolling,
Carrie Lewis,
Gwyneth Tatum,


Support Staff

Jack Freeman,
Grant Consultant

Misty Fretwell,
Textbook Coordinator

Joan Machus,

Erin Hand,

Lynnette Johnson,