Published on Tue., January 12, 2010

Bedford Hills Elementary School has earned the 2010 Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence, the highest honor under the Virginia Index of Performance (VIP). To qualify for the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence Bedford Hills met all state and federal achievement benchmarks for two consecutive years and achieved applicable excellence goals for elementary reading and participation in the Virginia Preschool Initiative. The school also won bonus points on the Governor’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Scorecard. One hundred and fifty-three Virginia schools earned this award. Congratulations goes out to Principal Robert Quel, teachers, staff, and students at Bedford Hills.

To compliment this award, the Virginia Board of Education also gives out excellence awards to recognize the accomplishments of other schools that met all state and federal benchmarks for at least two consecutive years and are making progress toward the goals of the governor and the board. The 2010 Board of Education Competence to Excellence Award was given to Dearington Elementary School for Innovation, Paul Munro Elementary School and Sheffield Elementary School.  These three schools were among the 281 schools across the Commonwealth to receive this distinction. 

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