Program Description

The Gifted Opportunities (G.O.) Center is a division-sponsored program housed at R. S. Payne and serves students from the entire school division. Students in this accelerated and enriching program in grades 3, 4, and 5  must be selected based on teacher recommendation, academic achievement, and a variety of assessments. The G.O. Center offers a differentiated, expanded curriculum, and instructional methodology that promotes self-direction through the use of divergent thinking skills, higher levels of questioning, interpretive study of literature, and independent projects.

Students are afforded the opportunity to approach the subject matter in a way that accentuates their particular abilities, learning styles, and interests.  The G.O. Center accelerated program also broadens the exposure to academic targets less often explored in the regular classroom. This approach allows students' strengths and abilities to be targeted, thus eliminating the tedium of extraneous drill work.

Frequently Asked Questions Videos

  1. How is the G.O. Center different from your child's previous school?
  2. What did you consider as you made the decision to send your child to the G.O. Center?
  3. How have you seen your child grow during his or her time at the G.O. Center?
  4. What would you like to have known before your child began at the G.O. Center?
  5. Do you have anything else you would like to share about your child's experience at the G.O. Center?