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Education Services

Turning Point Academy is located within the Lynchburg Regional Juvenile Detention Center and follows the Lynchburg City Schools academic calendar. The school day begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m. Students are enrolled in a Summer Enrichment Program two weeks after school ends and two before school begins. Virginia SOL tests are administered during the fall and spring of each school year. In addition, ISAEP and GED services are available as well as IEP/504 assistance

By Virginia state law, a Re-Enrollment Plan is written by the student support specialist assigned to each student enrolled in the Education Program for 30 days or more. The Re-Enrollment Plan is delivered to each student's home school and used as a transition component to help in the effective move of a student from the LRJDC back to their home school setting. Once the student has returned to their home school, home school personnel may be assigned to meet with the student for up to 9 weeks to help students transition back to a regular school setting.

Traditional students are  generally in grades 6-12.  Post-graduate students generally have earned a diploma or GED.

  • All detainees participate in a 5.5-hour instructional school day.  Courses include English/language arts, science, math, social studies, Health/PE, character education and fine arts based impart on recommendations from the their base school.  
  • Special education services are provided to students who are determined to have a disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act.
  • Career-related education and GED preparation (for those who qualify under state standards) are offered to students in those programs.
  • When a student enrolls in the academic program the child’s home school is notified.  The home school forwards portions of the child’s cumulative school record so that appropriate educational services can be provided during the period of detainment.  
  • When a student is released from the facility, a transfer summary reflecting grades is forwarded to the student’s home school.  These grades are factored into the student’s academic performance on his or her official high school transcript. 
  •  All teachers hold an active professional license to teach in Virginia. 

TPA Beliefs


Turning Point Academy acknowledges the intrinsic worth of each student and tailors the learning environment to provide educational experiences according to each student’s individual learning style and ability. The school provides each student the opportunity to build the character, confidence, and life skills needed to successfully transition to the community.


“Realizing the Possibilities – Promoting the Change“

Staff Directory

Core Subject Teachers

Mr. Drew, English 
Mr. Forrest, History
Ms. Johnson, Math
Mr. Boling, Science 

Support Teachers

Ms. Hutchinson, SPED, Post-D, and Electives
Ms. Scott, Student Support Specialist
Ms. Halsey, Art Teacher    
Mr. Pillow, Health/P.E. Teacher

Administrative Team

Mrs. Calloway, School Principal
Mrs. Fink, Office Manager/Admin. Assistant


Who oversees Turning Point Academy?

TPA is associated with three entities: the Virginia Department of Education (VA-DOE), Lynchburg City Schools (LCS) and Lynchburg Regional Juvenile Detention Center (LRJDC).  The program is housed inside LRJDC and is subject to those policies therein.  All personnel are hired through LCS, who serves as the fiscal agent, and are also subject to their policies.  VA-DOE serves as the funding source and provides program governance.  Turning Point Academy is an academic program through State Operated Programs run directly by the Virginia Department of Education.


Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Lauren Calloway, School Principal

  • specific program questions
  • specific student questions 

Lisa Fink, Office Manager/Admin. Assistant

  • attendance verification
  • records request
  • enrollment/withdraw information
  • billing, invoicing, shipping

Phone: (434) 455-7897
Fax: (434) 455-4193
Mail: 1400 Florida Avenue, Lynchburg, Virginia 24501
Email: [email protected]

For general information regarding the Lynchburg Regional Juvenile Detention Center please contact Shannon Revely at (434) 455-7878.