LCS-ONEEducating in the 21st Century

Lynchburg City Schools is embarking on a new and exciting journey—one that will support the LCS mission of, “Every Child, By Name and By Need, to Graduation.” We have set a course for meeting the 21st Century needs of our students through our LCS-ONE initiative, which will provide a personal computing device for students in grades 8 through 12. Original plans to include grades 6 and 7 have been delayed due to lack of funding.

Chromebooks will be turned in at the end of each school year and reissued the following school year over the course of a 4-year device lifecycle. Click here to learn more about the device.


2014-2015: 9th Grade
2015-2016: 9th-12th Grade
2016-2017: 8th-12th Grade