Perrymont Elementary
409 Perrymont Ave. (map)
Lynchburg, VA 24502
Phone: (434) 515-5250
School Website:

School Year Accreditation Status
2017-2018 Partially Accredited: Reconstituted School
2016-2017 Partially Accredited: Reconstituted School
2015-2016 Partially Accredited: Warned School-Pass Rate
2014-2015 Accredited with Warning in Mathematics, English and Science
2013-2014 Accredited with Warning in Mathematics and English
2012-2013 Fully Accredited
2011-2012 Fully Accredited
2010-2011 Fully Accredited
2009-2010 Fully Accredited
2008-2009 Fully Accredited
2007-2008 Fully Accredited
2006-2007 Fully Accredited
2005-2006 Fully Accredited
2004-2005 Provisionally Accredited/Meets State Standards
2003-2004 Fully Accredited
2002-2003 Provisionally Accredited/Needs Improvement

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