Student health is essential to school success! Healthy kids have higher attendence rates, higher test scores, and better behavior in class.

Click here to go to Live Healthy Lynchburg's Learn Healthy page to learn more about resources for teachers (classroom programs, healthy rewards, and health curriculum) and parents (walking to school, healthy lunches/snacks, fundraisers, and celebrations).

Everything from eating a good breakfast, brushing teeth, fruits and veggies at lunchtime, getting physical exercise, to sleeping well at night, all impact your student's performance in school.

We know that the school year gets hectic, and it can be hard to stick to healthy habits. We're here to help!
Parents, teachers, students and administrators must collaborate to ensure that the school environment is as healthy as possible and set each student up for success.

Wellness Policy

Lynchburg City Schools have always been progressive when it comes to our Wellness Policy. Long before other schools, we banned soda vending machines from elementary schools. We have increased daily activity time and recommended the integration of activity and consistent messaging into the classroom. We now see schools across the nation following our lead. Click here to view our recently updated Wellness Policy.

One key item is that snacks brought in to school must meet nutrition standards. This means foods offered should have <10g of saturated fat, < or + 640g of sodium, and zero grams of trans fat. The goal calories for a meal are 550-650 calories for grades K-5, 600-700 calories for grades 6-8, 750-850 calories for grades 9-12, so no one snack item (candy, cupcakes, or ice cream) should exceed this number. Click here for the LCS Recommended Healthy Snacks List.

In 2012, for the first time in 15 years, standards for school lunches were updated to offer healthier meals to children nationwide. This integral piece of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! Campaign, was signed into law. Click here to learn more about these standards.

Student Illness Guidelines

Lynchburg City Schools wants to make sure that we keep our students and staff as healthy as possible to foster a conducive learning environment for everyone.

The document linked below is a directive for staff and parents to assist in the appropriateness of keeping a child home. Lynchburg City Schools is aware of the stresses of work life balance when it comes to caring for children. Please use this document as a guideline when determining when a student needs to return to school. Click here for the LCS Student Illness Guidelines.

Flu Information

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has prepared a guide for influenza prevention and caregiving. Click here for the Stay at Home Toolkit for Influenza.


Lynchburg City Schools require a physical form be filled out by a doctor on or after May 1 in order for each athlete to safely participate during the next school year. Click here for the VHSL Athletic Physical Form.

It is essential that a parent fill out the medical history portion of the form since children are often unaware of family medical problems.

Mass screenings are not as effective in identifying potential concerns for an athlete—every child needs a medical home. Please call your child’s doctor to get this physical done as soon as possible. If your child does not have a primary care doctor, contact the coach or athletic director for assistance.