The Dual Enrollment (DE) program with local and area colleges and universities provides highly motivated students the opportunity to experience college-level work while in high school and receive both high school and college credit. Students are encouraged to consider this opportunity while also being aware that the demands of these courses are at the college level.

Dual enrollment courses in the core content areas are weighted at 5.0 quality points. Governor’s School courses are Dual Enrollment and count as 5.0 weighted courses. The College Success Skills course is weighted at 4.0 quality points.

Students enrolled in these courses may earn college credit from Central Virginia Community College (CVCC), University of Lynchburg, and other local colleges and universities by fulfilling course requirements. Regardless of the course grade, the course will appear on the student’s permanent record at the college or university. If a student receives a D or F, it does have the potential to affect college financial aid eligibility and/or guaranteed admissions agreements with four-year colleges and universities. Students enrolled in DE courses need to abide by the policies and procedures of CVCC and University of Lynchburg as well as LCS. Students must qualify for enrollment for CVCC courses by taking, and passing the Virginia Placement Test (VPT) prior to enrollment. Additional application and eligibility information is available. Please see your counselor for more information.

The costs for tuition and the required textbooks for dual enrollment courses taught at the high school, Central Virginia Governor’s School, and the Governor’s STEM Academy will remain the responsibility of the school division. However, there is a $75 fee for a course withdrawal if the CVCC drop date has passed. This payment is due to the school division within two weeks of dropping the class. Checks should be made payable to LCS and sent to the curriculum and instruction department. Please be aware that timelines for withdrawing from a course are different for DE courses. See Section III for more information on dual enrollment options.

The Early College Program is an opportunity for students to earn a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree at the same time. Eligible students are selected by a committee at CVCC. The cost of the Early College Program books is covered by LCS but the tuition is the responsibility of each family. There are some opportunities for financial assistance to families with financial hardship. Counselors have the financial hardship forms.

Any student seeking to take courses on the CVCC campus on their own and not a part of any LCS approved program must seek prior approval and all costs for books and tuition are the responsibility of the family.