Lynchburg City Schools is providing parents with an account for the GoGuardian Parent Portal. GoGuardian Parent is an application available on Apple devices and Android phones designed to provide parents/guardians with the ability to pause their children's internet, block specific websites, and schedule internet availability on the school provided Chromebooks and Chrome tablets. GoGuardian allows the parent/guardian to access student history and activity, for searches, websites as well as blocked access.

The app also allows parents to manage:

Website Filtering

Allows guardians to block students from accessing specific websites during out of school hours.

On Demand Internet Pausing

Allows guardians to pause internet access on demand for students during out of school hours.

Scheduled Internet Pausing

Allows guardians to schedule periods of paused internet access for students during out of school hours.

The IT department loads student and parent accounts based on the information contained in Infinite Campus under guardian. 

If you cannot login to the parent portal, please contact us using the GoGuardian Parent Portal Request Form so that we can update your settings. This access is currently only available to people designated as guardians in Infinite Campus.

More info can be found on the GoGuardian website here: GoGuardian Parent for Guardians.

Step by step instructions for setting up your Portal can be found here: Getting Started with GoGuardian Parent.

If you have other questions we are happy to help, email [email protected].