Published on Fri., January 22, 2010

Research shows that physical activity has the potential to increase student achievement and the students of Perrymont Elementary school are ready to Jump to Success. On Thursday, January 21, 2010, Mark Rothstein, rope jumper, educator, entertainer and athlete, visited the school to introduce his program “World of Rope Jumping.”

Principal Karen Nelson plans to implement Rothstein’s rope jumping techniques during recess every day. During the ten minutes of structured time during recess students will practice rope jumping techniques. The aim is to send students back to the classroom energized and focused.

Mr. Rothstein has been touring schools for 25 years to promote his “World of Rope Jumping. His motivational school program emphasizes rope jumping techniques and skills, character education, and total fitness. At Perrymont, every student in grades Pre-K through 5 attended the show and students in grades K-5 also attended an active, hands-on workshop conducted by Mr. Rothstein.

This program is supported through a competitive grant from the Lynchburg City Schools Education Foundation.

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