Published on Fri., January 29, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010 was “Show Your True SOL Colors” day at Sandusky Middle School.In preparation for the Standards of Learning Tests, students spent the week decorating white t-shirts with SOL terms.On the back of each shirt was an SOL word and definition and on the front was a picture or depiction of that word.Each grade concentrated on words from their most challenging subject area.Sixth graders drew events from history on their shirts.Seventh graders concentrated on math words and images and eighth graders designed English shirts.

Sandusky Middle School SOL Shirts

Sandusky’s English chair, Ms. Connie Ellison, came up with the idea earlier this year.She is very pleased that the event was so popular with the students.

SOLs will begin in March and go through May.This Sandusky Middle School project is funded by the Education Foundation, Inc. 

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