Published on Fri., February 19, 2010

National Merit ScholarsE.C. Glass Seniors Jordan Minot and Monty Rahman are finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Competition for the 2009-20010 school year. They, along with other academically talented high school seniors from across the United States, competed for 8,200 National Merit Scholarships, worth more than 35 million dollars. 

Congratulations to eight students who earned Commended Student status in the 2010 National Merit Scholarship Program. These young scholars are among a select group of 34,000 students nationally who scored in the top 5% of the 1.5 million students who took the 2008 Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).
Austin Ruhf – E.C.G.
Austin Walker – H.H.S.
Blair Blanchette –E.C.G.
John Taylor – E.C.G.
Kathryn Wright – E.C.G.
Kevin Fleming – E.C.G.
Sami Natour – E.C.G.
William Baldwin – E.C.G.

Lynchburg City School administrators and teachers are proud to announce the names of seven National Advance Placement Scholars. The following students qualified by earning an average grade of 4 or higher on all of their AP exams. In addition, they took at least eight of these exams to qualify for the distinction.
Adeel Ilyas – H.H.S.
Anna Wade – E.C.G.
Benjamin Karaus – H.H.S
Daniel Hostetler – E.C.G.
Haden Cross – E.C.G.
Kellie Lewis – E.C.G.
Kristin Ulmer – E.C.G.

Thirty-one LCS students earned the title of AP Scholar with Distinction by scoring an average of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and grades of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.
Adeel Ilyas – H.H.S.
Anna Fairchild – E.C.G.
Anna Wade – E.C.G.
Benjamin Karaus – H.H.S.
Christopher Hackman – E.C.G.
Courtney Boyd – E.C.G.
Cyrus Hinkson – H.H.S.
Daniel Hostetler – E.C.G.
Elizabeth Fisher – E.C.G.
Haden Cross – E.C.G.
Hannah Smith – E.C.G.
Hunter Mitchell – E.C.G.
Jake Haskins – H.H.S.
James Gaston – H.H.S.
Jewel Llamas – E.C.G.
Joshua Knight – H.H.S.
Katie Jaberg – H.H.S.
Kellie Lewis – E.C.G.
Kevin Truitte – E.C.G.
Kristin Ulmer – E.C.G.
Kyle Tenny – H.H.S.
Laila Asghar – E.C.G.
Michele Szymczyk – E.C.G.
Monica Li – H.H.S.
Muntasir Rahman – E.C.G.
Nicolas Castanes – H.H.S.
Patrick Hamilton – E.C.G.
Ross Benar – E.C.G.
Sarah Nilles – H.H.S.
Yasmine Digiulio – E.C.G.
Zachary Scharf – E.C.G.

Seventeen LCS students earned the title of AP Scholar with Honor by earning an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on at least four of these exams.

Abbey Harris – E.C.G.
Andrew Naisawald – E.C.G.
Anne Ancheril – H.H.S.
Blair Blanchette – E.C.G.
Burkely Wombwell – E.C.G.
Caroline Springer – E.C.G.
Ella Virginia Baldwin – E.C.G.
Jennifer Knight – E.C.G.
Kate Martin – E.C.G.
Martin Minot – E.C.G.
Monica Romine – E.C.G.
Robert Lambeth – E.C.G.
Sarah Lavinder – H.H.S.
Sarah-Louise Dechow – E.C.G.
John Vincent – E.C.G.
William Ruehle – E.C.G.
Yanji Liu – E.C.G.

Fifty-six LCS students earned the title of AP Scholar for completing at least three exams with grades of 3 or higher.
Adam McCaden – E.C.G.
Adam Stucke – E.C.G.
Allison Culbreth – E.C.G.
Amber Osinga – E.C.G.
Anna Boynton – E.C.G.
Aric Schilthelm – E.C.G.
Ariel Wheelock – E.C.G.
Ashlyn McCurley – E.C.G.
Austin Walker – H.H.S.
Benjamin Soldate – E.C.G.
Brandon Lareau – H.H.S.
Candler Paige – H.H.S.
Carrie Webb – E.C.G.
Charles Flournoy – E.C.G.
Charles Kitts – E.C.G.
Chelsea Wilson – E.C.G.
Christian Paxton – E.C.G.
Christopher Park – H.H.S.
Christopher Schweikart – E.C.G.
Davis Moore – E.C.G.
Frances Carey – E.C.G.
George Gianakos – E.C.G.
Gregory Wilkes – H.H.S.
Hannah Crowder – E.C.G.
Hyun Park – H.H.S.
Jessica Murphy – H.H.S.
John Taylor – E.C.G.
Julian Bryant – E.C.G.
Julian Yates – E.C.G.
Julie Sharp – H.H.S.
Katelyn Milam – E.C.G.
Katherine Agnew – E.C.G.
Kelly Webb – E.C.G.
Kendall Good – E.C.G.
Kevin Fleming – E.C.G.
Lauren Jaminet – H.H.S.
Lauren Maxwell – H.H.S.
Lindsay Hitchcock – E.C.G.
Matthew Sisk – H.H.S.
Nathaniel Buhler – E.C.G.
Patrick McCorkle – E.C.G.
Paul Locascio – H.H.S.
Paul Malloy – E.C.G.
Peyton Doyle – E.C.G.
Priscilla Chong – E.C.G.
Renata Esquillo – E.C.G.
Sami Natour – E.C.G.
Shane Dreher – E.C.G.
Sian Bennett – H.H.S.
Stefan Phelps – H.H.S.
Tara Einhorn – H.H.S.
Taylor Brittin – E.C.G.
Taylor Meade – H.H.S.
Ty Moseley – E.C.G.
William Baldwin – E.C.G.
William Whitehouse – E.C.G.

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