Published on Wed., April 28, 2010

Old Sandusky Middle School“Just Like Family” is the motto of Sandusky Middle School. So it was only appropriate that principal Jay Sales described the April 29th “Sandusky Sendoff” as a “Family Reunion.” Former students and faculty joined current students, faculty and members of the community to say goodbye to the old Sandusky Middle School. Mr. Sales was joined by former principals Consuella Woods and Gilliam Cobbs in leading Sendoff event. Both Woods and Cobbs reflected on their time at Sandusky and Sales assured the crowed that the old Sandusky would not be forgotten. Festivities also included speakers, a band and one last tour of the building for the more than 200 alumni and staff who came to say “goodbye.”

Students and teachers will begin moving into their brand new building in June. That is also the month that the old Sandusky is scheduled for demolition. The school board first talked about building a new Sandusky Middle in 2005.

The new Sandusky Middle will open in August 2010 and will be the first school in this area to be LEED certified. Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a designation given to high performance green buildings. The design of the building makes it highly energy efficient.

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