Published on Fri., October 22, 2010

The E. C. Glass Art CollectionE. C. Glass currently holds 152 original pieces of art dating back to 1895. On Sunday, November 7, 2010, from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. the Friends of the E. C. Glass Art collection will hold a free open house for the public to view this collection. The exhibit is entitled, “The E. C. Glass Art Collection:  A Rich History, Recent Discoveries, and a Brilliant Future.”

This is the first exhibition of the collection in 25 years.  The Friends of the E. C. Glass Art Collection recently formed to celebrate, preserve and promote the collection and to use the collection to benefit Lynchburg City Schools’ students. The organization consists of current E. C. Glass students, alumni, faculty, and other interested Lynchburg citizens. 

Thirty-five paintings have been identified as needing repair, reframing and cleaning. During the November open house, donations will be collected to help repair these works. In addition, the Friends of the E. C. Glass Art Collection will expand the use of this unique asset to generate income for the benefit of all Lynchburg City School students, and the art in the collection will continue to be used to educate our students about art, literature, history, and culture–enhancing the State of Virginia’s Standards of Learning objectives

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