Published on Fri., January 28, 2011

Twenty percent of children in the United States are obese, which, according to the National Institutes of Health, means that they are at least thirty pounds overweight.  For teens, the number drops just slightly to eighteen percent. According to the Centers for Disease Control obesity leads to preventable illnesses that reduce the quality of life and lead to early death. In fact, obesity is exceeded only by tobacco as being the leading cause of preventable death.

In January, the Family Alliance helped Lynchburg City Schools fight the fat by celebrating fit!  Students at Linkhorne Middle School celebrated the second annual Virginia Healthy Youth Day by participating in fun fitness activities.  The students lifted weights, jumped rope, and played basketball, among other exercises. At the end of their hour of exercise the students each received a healthy snack.

Established by a Virginia General Assembly resolution, Virginia Healthy Youth Day is held every January 20th by the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth and celebrates healthy lifestyles for Virginia’s children, including physical fitness, good nutrition and not using tobacco products.


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