Published on Fri., April 15, 2011

Linkhorne MiddleLinkhorne Middle School’s Jaguar Ambassadors organized an anti-bullying campaign for April 11-15th. The theme was “be N. I. C. E.” – Noticing Individuals Caring for Everyone. Everyone at LMS was encouraged to take a stand against bullying (stand up for yourself, stand up for someone who is being mistreated or tell an adult if you see or hear of someone being bullied). 

The Ambassadors planned various activities throughout the week to remind everyone at LMS to respect each other. Monday free bookmarks were available in the library. Tuesday the Ambassadors put up a “Graffiti Wall” in the cafeteria where students could pledge to take a stand against bullying, draw a picture, write a poem or tell a personal story. Wednesday was Ribbon Reminder Day. All students received yellow ribbons in homeroom to wear throughout the day to show their support against bullying. Thursday the Ambassadors “Chalked it Up” with anti-bullying messages around the school. And on Friday students spread peace with Peace Stones in hopes that over spring break, the following week, the stones would travel far outside LMS and Lynchburg.

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