Published on Fri., April 29, 2011

Natasha ChowdryHeritage High School senior, Natasha Chowdry, is headed to Washington, DC to participate in a Congressional Seminar as a result of writing a winning essay in a national competition. The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America held an essay contest. High School students wrote on the following topic:  "In his farewell address in Philadelphia in 1796, George Washington warned against the advent of political parties in nations with populace-elected governments. Do you believe our nation's history supports his views? Explain." Natasha’s paper was selected as the best in the state.  As a result of her win, she will attend the June seminar in DC. Normally the event costs more than $1,000 but all costs will be covered by the Colonial Dames. Natasha has a strong interest in government and history. In fact, she is the school board student representative for Heritage High School.


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