Published on Thu., January 26, 2012

Lynchburg City School students will represent nearly one-third of the Junior Southwest Regional Orchestra when it performs in Roanoke this spring. Students from twenty-three schools from Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Roanoke and the Harrisonburg Valley area tried out for the orchestra recently. Lynchburg City School’s extensive strings program helped students in seventh through ninth grades prepare for the competition. Students begin taking strings lessons in Kindergarten and continue through their senior year. Many ultimately receive scholarships for their talents. The Junior Southwest Regional Orchestra results prove that our students stand out amongst the regional competition. The following Lynchburg students will play as part of the Junior Southwest Regional Orchestra:

Advanced Orchestra

Lauren Poletti E.C. Glass Violin
Emory McVeigh E.C. Glass Violin
Audrey Ferguson E.C. Glass Viola
Mariah Vaughn E.C. Glass Viola
Galen Shen E.C. Glass Cello
Daniel Horn E.C. Glass Cello
William Sweeney E.C. Glass Bass
Andrew Yi Linkhorne Middle Violin
Melissa Polletti Linkhorne Middle Violin
Elizabeth Driskill Linkhorne Middle Violin
Jasmine Ferrell Linkhorne Middle Viola
Asher Sizemore Linkhorne Middle Cello
Ana Hines Dunbar Middle Violin
Emme Hines Dunbar Middle Violin
Kurt Cox Dunbar Middle Viola
Andrew Patterson Dunbar Middle Viola
Jake Sandvig Dunbar Middle Cello
Rebekah Chun Heritage High Principal viola

Intermediate Orchestra

Michaela Saunders E.C. Glass Violin
Kyndal Paige E.C. Glass Principal bass
Caroline Riordan Linkhorne Middle Violin
Kaitlin Bost Linkhorne Middle Violin
Julia Straka Linkhorne Middle Violin
Matthew Lloyd Linkhorne Middle Violin
Sharon Noronha Linkhorne Middle Violin
Marshall Driskill Linkhorne Middle Violin
Caitlin Adams Linkhorne Middle Viola
Jennifer Coffer Linkhorne Middle Viola
Tilyana Brewer Linkhorne Middle Viola
Madeline Phillipson Linkhorne Middle Cello
Kati Elbrecht Linkhorne Middle Bass
Gabriella Coradazzi Dunbar Middle Principal violin II
Mikhail Guenther Dunbar Middle Violin
Tom Baker Dunbar Middle Violin
Katie Morse Dunbar Middle Violin
Emma Wray Dunbar Middle Viola
Sarah Shaver Dunbar Middle Cello
Thomas Cass Sandusky Middle Viola
Cassie Smith Heritage High School Violin
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