Published on Mon., July 15, 2013

College AcceptancesWhile it is the mission of Lynchburg City Schools to guide Every Child, By Name and By Need, to Graduation, throughout that process we are also preparing them for success in the years beyond high school.

This year, graduates from both nationally recognized LCS high schools have been accepted into and will be attending many of the top colleges in the state and across the country.

LCS continues to offer the highest selection of Advanced Placement courses. These AP courses are integral in both a students’ acceptance into top colleges and universities, as well as in their success in college.

For more information on the Lynchburg City Schools academic opportunities, including AP course offerings, view the 2013-2014 Program of Studies.

Colleges Accepted Attending
James Madison University 40 14
University of Virginia 30 18
Virginia Tech 31 14
Virginia Commonwealth University 29 15
College of William & Mary 13 3
Wake Forest University 10 8
George Mason University 7 5
University of North Carolina 6 2
Johns Hopkins University 2 1
Stanford University 1  
Duke University 1  


Click here for a comprehensive list of colleges the class of 2013 will be attending.


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