Published on Fri., November 17, 2017

ECG chorus students sitting on bleachers at competitionCongratulations to all students who auditioned for the Virginia Music Educators Association (VMEA) District VI All-District Chorus at Lord Botetourt High School on November 4th. E. C. Glass had many outstanding performances, resulting in 24 delegates and one alternate delegate named to the All-District Chorus, which will be held at Christiansburg High School on February 9 and 10. 

Congratulations to these students (students who placed in the top 15 in the district are recognized by place below):

Glass All-District Chorus Delegates:

Emma Eubank, Soprano I, 7th in District
Naomi Levin, Soprano I, 14th in District
Addison King, Soprano I 
Axel Jablonski, Soprano I
Michelle Mailloux, Soprano II, 11th in District
Haley Pabon, Soprano II
Laurel Logan, Soprano II
Makayla Harris, Soprano II
Damani Johnson, Soprano II

Morgan Gafford, Alto I, 9th in District
Lea Sharpe, Alto I
Karah Parker, Alto I
Afope Balogun, Alto II
Sarah Aguilar, Alto II
Avion Cook, Alto II
Linda Pleskacova, Alto II

Kobe Scott, Tenor I, 6th in District
Raymond Mays, Tenor I, 2nd Alternate Delegate
Nathan Wilkerson, Tenor II, 2nd in District
Pierson Blount, Tenor II, 6th in District
Elijah Pope, Tenor II, 15th in District

Ian Kincaid, Bass I
Jaden Sneed, Bass II, 7th in District
Hunter Dixon, Bass II, 11th in District
Ian Price, Bass II, 15th in District

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