Published on Thu., December 7, 2017

TCM students inside Mt. Vernon with Martha Washington interpreterT. C. Miller's 21st Century Community Learning Center students journeyed to George Washington's Estate at Mt. Vernon on December 2nd. Preparing for the trip, students explored the life and legacy of our first president and the founding of our country. At Mt. Vernon, students explored the property and home of the Washingtons, including a guided tour of the mansion. They also visited Washington's tomb, the enslaved memorial, servants’ quarters, the farm and animals, and more.

Connecting the modern to the historical, students attended a special guided-tour revealing the underground tunnels and inspiration for the movie "National Treasure: Book of Secrets." Seeing the actual location for filming and learning about what parts were filmed in Hollywood was a favorite part of the trip. 

Students learned more about George Washington as a young man, as the president, and beyond, through a timeline of his life in the Educational Center. A highlight at the museum was discovering Washington's dentures. No, they weren't made out of wood! Rather, his dentures were constructed with a combination of animal and human teeth, ivory, and other minerals.

While some students had the chance to meet Mrs. Washington and listen to stories of her husband, others had close encounters with Aladdin the visiting camel. Still others appreciated the music of the times and learned a few dance steps from the resident Fifer.

“The fifty-two students who attended this trip were engaged and well-behaved. They were excellent ambassadors for T. C. Miller and represented Lynchburg City Schools well,” said Julie Haupt, the coordinator for 21st Century program at T. C. Miller. “I am most proud of them and thrilled that they not only enjoyed the trip but also gained something from the experience.”

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