Published on Mon., January 29, 2018

Dear Lynchburg City Schools Students and Parents:

Our mission in Lynchburg City Schools (LCS) is Every Child by Name and by Need, to Graduation. An essential component of our commitment to helping students reach future goals is by offering a wide array of courses and programs that students can choose from to help them gain full access to their future post-secondary endeavors.

The 2018-2019 High School Program of Studies handbook contains academic information that will help in planning a course of study. The main updates made to this year’s handbook include:

  • Incorporation of updated graduation requirements for rising 9th graders, as determined by the state
  • Addition of an Environmental Science course
  • Clarification of PE/Health course options and timing
  • Removal of the additional 0.5 GPA points that were tied to an AP exam score
  • Modification of timelines for dropping or changing a course

Please take the time to review the information presented in this handbook. The information ranges from specific course selection options and the different academic levels, academic and post-secondary career planning, specialized LCS programs such as Early College Program, Central Virginia Governor’s School (CVGS), National Collegiate Athletic Associate (NCAA) eligibility requirements, Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) information, graduation requirements, promotion and retention guidelines, and grade point average calculation criteria. The handbook also includes various policies and procedures.  Please also be aware that additional procedures and practices may be determined at the individual high school. 

All of this information will help as the student develops a comprehensive academic and career plan.  Development of a plan is best accomplished with the collaboration of students, parents, teachers, principals, and counselors. Please be in contact with your child’s school counselor in order to receive support in creating an individualized plan for your child.

Through these course offerings and our partnership with families, each student will be on the path to achieve future hopes and dreams.


Dr. Larry Massie
Interim Superintendent 

Click here for the 2018-2019 High School Program of Studies 

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