Published on Wed., April 22, 2020

Internet access points are being set up around the city for public use during the COVID-19 closure.  Access is available now in the parking lots of these sites listed below. Please make sure to continue practicing social distancing when you use these internet access sites.

SCHOOL SITES - 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Bass Elementary School (1730 Seabury Ave.), staff parking lot
  • Bedford Hills Elementary School (4330 Morningside Dr.),  front parking lot
  • Dearington Elementary School (210 Smyth St.),  parking lot
  • Dunbar Middle School (1200 Polk St.), parking lot off 12th Street
  • E. C. Glass High School (2111 Memorial Ave.), student parking lot off Langhorne Road
  • Heritage Elementary School (501 Leesville Rd.), parking lot near Door 3 on Timberlake Road side
  • Heritage High School (3101 Wards Ferry Rd.), student parking lot
  • Hutcherson Early Learning Center (2401 High St.), parking lot
  • Linkhone Middle School (2525 Linkhorne Dr.),  parking lot near gymnasium
  • Perrymont Elementary School (409 Perrymont Ave.), parking lot
  • R. S. Payne Elementary School (1201 Floyd St.), parking lot on Fillmore St. side
  • Sandusky Middle School (805 Chinook Pl.), faculty parking lot
  • Sheffield Elementary School (115 Kenwood Pl.), front parking lot
  • T. C. Miller Elementary School (600 Mansfield Ave.), parking lot

The available networks are LCS-Wireless (students), LCS-Secure (students/staff), and LCS-Public (public).

CITY SITES - 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Centers
  • Jefferson Park
  • Daniels Hill
  • Fairview
  • College Hill
  • Yoder Center
  • Diamond Hill

Use for access to mobile hotspots.


Contact the Family Connect Team at (434) 401-6902.

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