Ethel Reeves, Director of Engagement, Equity, and Opportunity
Phone: (434) 515-5048
What is the PETAL Program?

Promoting Excellence Through Accelerated Learning is a K-12 program that identifies LCS students with academic potential for achievement at a higher level. It promotes accelerated learning, furthering academic achievement and narrowing the achievement gap. PETAL encourages students to take rigorous, academically demanding classes.

Who is responsible for implementing the program?

Ethel Reeves coordinates this program. She can be reached at (434) 515-5048 or by email: >

What responsibilities are carried out by the coordinator for PETAL?
  • Coordinate 1st-5th grade summer accelerated academy in reading and math
  • Coordinate and implement a middle school summer accelerated academy in math
  • Coordinate and implement a high school summer accelerated math bridge academy
  • Provide instructional assistance and support to teachers of students in the PETAL program (observations and staff development)
  • Implement/monitor/maintain the high school accelerated block math course and program established with the GE Math Excellence grant fund in 2006
  • Implement/monitor/maintain a middle school accelerated block math course and program at each middle school. (New for 2006-2007)
  • Provide PETAL cultural competency training of instructional and non-instructional staff
  • Connect with/support community after-school tutorial partnerships by providing SOL support and homework assistance training for tutors
  • Meet quarterly with “key communicators” from the community who advise and provide suggestions for addressing the needs of urban youth
  • Collaborate with the career tech counselor on activities that focus on disseminating current career/career technical information
  • Work with middle and high school counseling departments to provide academic counseling and support for selected students enrolling in college prep or career tech classes
  • Coordinate workshops for parents of identified students on: college applications, fee waivers, financial assistance for college/VA pre-paid plan; middle school students transitioning to high school
  • Monitor the progress of identified students for five years beyond high school
  • Serve as an LCS liaison for the STEP with Links program
  • Coordinate the administering of division-wide learning styles assessments (annually)