ALL In Tutoring

Starting in the fall of 2023, Lynchburg City Schools (LCS) will expand tutoring efforts during the day for students in grades 3-8 as part of the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)’s ALL In VA tutoring program.

Designed to combat learning loss brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative provides a targeted approach to accelerating students to grade level in reading and math. The program is part of the VDOE’s three-pronged approach to accelerate post-pandemic student success by addressing attendance, literacy, and learning.

Research on tutoring shows that, on average, high-intensity academic tutoring can increase student achievement by an additional three to 15 months of learning. High-intensity tutoring has also been proven to increase student engagement and grades across all subjects.


Students will receive varying levels of tutoring support based on their SOL scores. Trained tutors, to include licensed teachers, instructional assistants, retired teachers, and community members, will conduct regular sessions in small groups in order to maximize focused help for each student.

To increase effectiveness, LCS will offer daily tutoring sessions for sustained periods of time during the school day—up to 60 minutes a day or a minimum of three hours a week. Schools will adjust schedules to create designated tutoring periods.

Implementation of the ALL In Tutoring program will look different at each school. The program is designed to be flexible—the goal is to boost student learning while meeting the needs of the school community. Reach out to your child’s school with questions!

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Interested in tutoring for LCS? Students across the division need YOUR help to close the gaps the pandemic has left behind. You don’t have to be a teacher to apply—all tutors will be trained in high-intensity tutoring before they start. Apply today!

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For additional academic support for your student beyond the ALL In VA tutoring program, please fill out the LCS Tutoring Request Form. Our LCS team will follow up with you to discuss your needs and find an appropriate tutor or resource.


At Lynchburg City Schools, mentoring plays a crucial part in guiding our students while supporting their personal development. School-based and community mentoring offer students access to opportunities while growing a student's belief in self, which is important in their personal growth. If you feel there is a mentoring need for your student, please fill out the LCS Mentoring Request Form.