Curriculum taught at Robert S. Payne Elementary School is founded on the Virginia Standards of Learning and extends outward. Students in grades PreK-5 are served in small groups within each classroom.

All subject areas follow a nine week pacing guide that were established by Lynchburg City Schools in correlation with the Standards of Learning. These objectives from the pacing guides are assessed at the end of each nine weeks grades 1-5. Click on here to learn more about the Standards of Learning.

G.O. Center

The Gifted Opportunities (G.O.) Center is a division-sponsored program housed at R. S. Payne and serves students from the entire school division. Click here to learn more about the G.O. Center.


R. S. Payne Elementary has three full-day pre-kindergarten classes on site which is a division assigned program. Click here to learn more about the LCS Pre-K program.

Reading and Language Arts

The instructional practices utilized in reading and language arts includes whole group instruction, small group instruction, word study, and writer's workshop. Trade books and leveled readers are used to both remediate and accelerate, according to what is needed. At R. S. Payne, students are taught at the level on which they are working-accelerated learners are encouraged to move onward, other learners are given remediation opportunities. PALS, DIBELS, and running records are used to assess a student’s reading level. Additionally, IXL is utilized to enhance skills and remediate weaknesses.


There is an emphasis on mastering the basic facts in math by using manipulative-based math strategies. Basic math concepts are stressed and opportunities are given for students to move on to a higher-level curriculum. GO Math is a resource for students. Students participate in Number Talks, fact fluency, and the Concrete Representational Abstract (CRA) model within the classroom. IXL is utilized to enhance skills and remediate weaknesses.


The Science Standards of Learning are taught with many “hands-on” activities found in kits developed by the division for each unit of study. McGraw-Hill texts were adopted as a resource to teach the science concepts in the Standards of Learning.

History/Social Studies

The social studies units are founded on the Virginia Standards of Learning with a variety of technology opportunities available to complement the standards. Teachers use literature selections and developed resources to support the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Resource Subjects

Students enjoy music, art, STREAM and movement education once a week. Weekly sessions in the media center are closely correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Click here for more about the R. S. Payne Library.

Title I

R. S. Payne Elementary Parent and Family Engagement Policy for 2021-22