Published on Tue., August 27, 2019

Teacher dressed up in bright colored costume with two students

You’ve heard of going the extra mile, but at Linkhorne Elementary School, this year students will be working together to go "the extra degree." 

During a school-wide assembly this month, every LES student, faculty, and staff member took the stage during an exciting "house sorting" program (based on the Ron Clark Academy model), which sorts all faculty, staff, and students into four different house families. Students were brought onto stage by grade levels, where they were given an envelope and a colored bracelet. All at once, students opened their envelopes to reveal their house. 

The four houses will be competing with each other throughout the year to earn house points. 

So what does this have to do with going the extra degree? Well, at LES, the theme this year is #LES212. At 211 degrees water is hot. At 212 it boils and produces steam. Steam is strong enough to power a locomotive. That one extra degree makes all the difference. 

Things are really heating up at LES this year! 

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