Published on Tue., September 3, 2019

Every Day Counts

If you want your child to be successful over the course of their school career, keep in mind that... 

  • Chronic absence, which includes 10 or more excused or unexcused absences, can leave students  behind in subjects and ultimately put them at risk of dropping out. 
  • Studies show that in elementary school, beginning as early as kindergarten, absence correlates with reading difficulties and poor attendance in later years.
  • 1 missed day every 2 weeks equals 4 weeks per year. This ends up as nearly a year and a half of missed school over the course of a student’s K-12 career.
  • 1 hour late per day equals 1 missed day per week, 8 missed weeks per year, and more than 2 and a half missed years over the course of their K-12 career.

Here’s what parents, guardians, and other family members can do to encourage daily attendance: 

  • Work with your child and his or her teacher to build enthusiasm that will motivate your child to develop strong attendance. 
  • Set regular bedtimes and morning routines, and set out clothes and backpacks the night before. Share ideas with others for getting out the door on time. 
  • Develop a backup plan for when you may need it. Ask family, friends and neighbors if they are willing to lend a hand if you need help getting your child to school.  
  • If your child seems anxious about school, talk with his or her teacher and principal. We are partners and need to work together! 

YES, attendance does matter!

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