Published on Tue., February 4, 2020

Lynchburg City Schools strings students, grades 7-9, auditioned in Charlottesville on January 25, 2020 for placement in the Southwest Junior Regional Advanced and Intermediate Orchestras. Congratulations to these students who were selected to participate in the event, which will take place on March 27-28 at Patrick Henry High School in Roanoke.  

Group of students standing outside

Advanced Orchestra

E. C. Glass High School: Lily Jablonski (Principal Cello), Ella Feitshans, Zachary Hardin, Malanie Myaing, Cameron Pflieger, Jacob Clevenger

Heritage High School: Camden Roberts, Timothy Patterson, Madison Dotson, Edwin Mazariegos

Dunbar Middle School: Sean Kim, Wesley Jarrett, Axel Lawrence, Charlie Hageman, Lukas Potts

Linkhorne Middle School: Isaac Hardin (Concertmaster), Miriam Cate (Assistant Principal Cello), Jacob Mitchell

Sandusky Middle School: Calvin Guo

Group of students with string instruments

Students standing outside with string instruments

Intermediate Orchestra

E. C. Glass High School: Timi Oluwaji (Concertmaster)

Heritage High School: Meagan McMonagle, Hannah Aukland, Faith Jacob, Kendra Aukland, Aaliyah Crews

Dunbar Middle School: Ethan Brown (Principal Viola),  Nicholas Gould (Assistant Principal Bass), Owen Rojas, Liam Rojas, Orion Myers, Jack Seipp

Linkhorne Middle School: John Scruggs (Principal Violin 2),  Layton Morris (Principal Cello), Ivy-Elizabeth Mann, Olawande Oluwaji, Matthew Kauppi, Richelle Zheng, Margaret Phillips, Andrew Lewis

Sandusky Middle School: Shayna Lyttle

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