Published on Wed., March 18, 2020

Dear LCS Families, 

Great news families! We are ahead of schedule and ready to begin delivering enrichment packets tomorrow, Thursday, March 19. We will continue on Friday to deliver to anyone we didn’t reach on Thursday. 

We will be delivering packets for Kindergarten through 8th grade students using the same bus stops that we have been using to deliver meals. When students come out to the stop to pick up their meals, we’ll give them their enrichment packet. If students don’t want to get a meal but do want to get a packet, you can do that at the bus stop based on the meal delivery site and schedule. The delivery times and stop locations can be found here. We won’t be able to distribute packets at the Command Center sites. 

Secondary students can use Google Classroom and online resources that will be coming to This site is still a work in progress.  If high school students don’t have internet access, they can also request a packet at their bus stop during the meal delivery times, and we will work with them. 

The packets and online resources are enrichment only. They are not for a grade. 

Also, we wanted to let you know our meal deliveries continue to be a success. Today we delivered more than 2,000 meals thanks to our dedicated staff and volunteers. Rest assured that any food not handed out to students is not being wasted! We want to serve everyone who needs to be served, and we have meals for every child. At the end of the meal delivery route, any extra meals are stored appropriately and can be served again the next day. New meals are being prepared daily. Regardless of income, meals are available to ALL students. 

Also, please be patient with us at the meal and packet delivery sites. Our route times depend on how many students show up at each stop. Some stops take longer than others. However, if you don’t see your bus within a reasonable amount of time that it is scheduled to arrive, please call transportation at 515-5100.  

Since we are distributing packets along with meals tomorrow, please understand that each stop may take a little longer depending on how many people are at each site. 

We encourage everyone to get their packet by Friday. If you aren’t able to get your packet at your bus stop by Friday, we’ll keep packets on the bus next week.

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