Published on Fri., June 12, 2020

Congratulations to these LCS students who were winners in this year’s Young Writers contest. The contest concluded in March. Great job on your achievements! 

Essay Winners

Maggie Sumpman, 1st place, 5th grade, “Literacy Builds a Better World”
Mallory, McKinney, 1st place, 7th grade, “Don’t Let Difference Define You”
Helen Cohen, 1st place, 10th grade, “Empathy and Literature, A Perfect Connection”
William Olichney, 3rd place, 12th grade, “The Sage is Not Well Read”

Poetry Winners

Shawn Andrews, 3rd place, 1st grade, “Cool Poems”
Teagan Foster, 2nd place, 3rd grade, “Three Amazing Poems”
Alex Nagy, 2nd place, 4th grade, “My Poems”
Isla Wasson, 1st place, 5th grade, “Poems of the Random”
Kai, Styrsky, 2nd place, 9th grade, “The Forest, The Joys of Life, Class Change”
Lizzie Selzler, 3rd place, 9th grade, “Keep Fighting Poems”
Elisa M. Eckert, 3rd place, 12th grade, “Dancing, Dreams, Without Me” 

Fiction Winners

Levi Mancier, 1st place, Kindergarten, “The Person Who Thinks He’s the Smartest Person in the Universe”
Parker Barrington, 1st place, 3rd grade, “A Quest for Bread”
Sophia McLemore, 3rd place, 4th grade, “The Flying Candy House”
Coleman Bradner, 1st place, 6th grade, “Fight for Freedom” 
Riley Morford, 1st place, 8th grade, “The Pyre Fire”
Ronan McKinney, 3rd place, 8th grade, “The Golden Oak”
Shelby Kent, 1st place, 9th grade, “Sakura”
Linzey Rigsby, 2nd place, 9th grade, “A Witch and a Traveler”
Amelie St. Clair, 3rd place, 9th grade, “Misfits”
Linnea Sumpman, 2nd place, 10th grade, “Soulless” 
Hallie Rooney, 3rd place, 12th grade, “A Murder of Crows”

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