Published on Thu., October 1, 2020

Lynchburg City Schools is pleased to inform all students, parents, and guardians about the SpeakUp for Safety tip line that provides a simple way for students to easily and confidentially report threats of violence, bullying, peers in crisis, and other imminent threats. 

Here’s how the tip line will work: 

  • Using the tip line: Students can email, call, or text to or (434) 300-2230. (You may need to include the area code when calling or texting this number.) 
  • Monitoring the tip line: The tip line is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year by trained Gaggle safety representatives. (Earlier this school year, LCS informed students and families about our use of Gaggle, a safety management system that alerts administrators if any images, words, and/or videos that reference self harm, violence, threats or otherwise inappropriate content are accessed using an LCS issued device. This same safety management system manages the SpeakUp for Safety tip line.) 
  • Responding to tips: The trained Gaggle representative will send an email regarding non-life-threatening items to designated school or division staff members. In severe situations, division-appointed contacts are notified immediately. In the most imminent cases, Gaggle will contact law enforcement to intervene if they are unable to notify a division-appointed contact.

To find out more about the LCS Gaggle and SpeakUp for Safety implementation, contact the Department of Student Services at (434) 515-5049. 

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